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What is Snow Day Predictor?

It is a handy tool that predicts the possibility of school cancellations/closures due to extreme winter weather.It assists school superintendents compliment their decision making process. The predictor also helps parents and students to foresee the chance of their school being cancelled/delayed because of snow.An alternate free service for calculating the snow day is  

How Accurate Are We?

Our data is backed by a trusted weather source, updated frequently. However, it should never be considered as a replacement for official school closure notices, which come directly from the school districts and authorities. The indications we provide can be used as a guideline and should not be used as an official advisory. 

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How this can be used?

This online predictor can also be used as a school closing calculator or no school calculator or college day calculator.It predicts the school closings for next 3 days so you can be informed well in advance.Be sure to share and inform your friends when you find there is no school 🙂

Use our snow day predictor for any cities in US and Canada for accurate results

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