10 Ways to Enjoy Winter

Follow our simple recommendations to raise your defenses and enjoy the festivities.

snow day enjoyments
  1. Raise your defenses and get rid of colds by eating foods rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi, mandarin, tomato, cherry, spinach and broccoli.
  2. Some think sensuality hibernates in winter. Combat lack of romance with a gym session with your partner. Physical activity, in addition to raising their temperature, will trigger their levels of endorphins and serotonin, which will prepare them for action.c
  3. During the winter, hair follicles secrete more oil to protect the scalp from freezing temperatures. This can cause you to lose volume and have oily hair, so apply a neutral shampoo and dry your hair with your head down.
  4. Take advantage of the benefits of having one glass of red wine a day: it reduces the risk of heart disease, helps lower cholesterol and regulates blood pressure. But don’t abuse the recommended daily dose to avoid its already known harmful effects.
  5. Take advantage of low temperatures to stay at home and catch up on your reading habits. Accompany a good book with a glass of wine and a little relaxing music to share a quiet and cozy afternoon.
  6. A hot tub bath relaxes, comforts and offers several psychological benefits, but don’t exceed 10 minutes submerged in water to protect your skin from dehydration and maintain your immune response levels.
  7. Remember that there are no good or bad foods, but frequencies and amounts of consumption. During this holiday season, measure your portions of polvorones, marzipan and other foods rich in fats and sugars.
  8. Give to those who need it most: several studies show that altruistic actions significantly improve your sense of well-being, raise your self-esteem levels and decrease depression.
  9. In the winter, serotonin levels – the neurotransmitter that regulates moods – drop due to lack of exposure to sunlight. Avoid depression and anxiety by incorporating foods rich in tryptophan – natural antidepressants – such as tofu, fish, nuts, milk and legumes into your diet.
  10. The skin on the lips does not have the ability to produce natural fat to protect itself from the cold, so it is common for it to split and even bleed in winter. To avoid it, drink plenty of liquids and apply in the morning, for five minutes, a paste prepared with rose petals ground in milk to keep your lips moisturized.
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